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On wooden joining SAIC nearly two many years. Shanghai incorporates a background of sixty two yrs Diesel engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter often called "the Diesel") electric power jobs in China enjoy a significant name while in the field, joined the SAIC, the final diesel commercial motor vehicles during the discipline began to build. What modifications in the past two years within the diesel? Job interview the vice chairman of Shanghai Automotive Group, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., Mr. Xiao Guopu.

Merger successful Xiao Guopu SAIC and Shanghai in public for virtually twenty years of labor, properly knowledgeable on the Shanghai vehicle field. When questioned no matter if SAIC merger success on the wood, Xiao Guopu confident that "very profitable merger." He explained to reporters which the achievement in the merger depends upon SAIC's main competencies and also the programs skill to replicate. SAIC's management philosophy, SAIC's society is very robust, making sure that the wooden in a very limited time period of time quickly built-in into your SAIC group.ty.

The wooden in to the SAIC later, introduced the "Hundred Times integration" actions. Combined with the particular problem over the diesel, the organization proposed reengineering process product, enhance product excellent, fortify economical supervision of 7 subjects, angles, spherical to advance. Integration approach during the Hundred Days, the diesel frequented Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM as well as other highly developed organization, investigation discover from their encounter of fine method management; scheduling to hold seminars on the future development from the wooden measures, the core competitive electricity reviewed , the unification of strategies; vigorously advertise internal command developing, round the company's progress method and increase the interior manage system; the event method into a dynamic assembly, merchandise progress, R & D is no longer confined to internal, but the participation of all relevant sectors together on solution improvement responsible, who influence the progress of who bears the responsibility of products progress; into SAIC culture, initially identified company vision, core values.

Really should be said the wood following entering the active adjustment of SAIC, to connect, the basic goals of new positioning, new strategic setting up procedure of new recycling, new cultural fusion. The year before the outbreak with the money crisis on the wooden and even Interior combustion engine Market a greater impact over the wooden in the fourth quarter and also the year before the first quarter of previous year was evident.

The facial area of severe external environment and rapidly altering sector, employees of one brain to the wooden about offering priority to efficiency, challenging expertise, pay close attention to reducing efficiency, and market lean management. 1 September 2009, on revenue of 2.54 billion yuan Chai, down 18.4% year on year, net profit of 41.94 million yuan, over exactly the same interval the previous year, operating hard cash flow of one hundred million yuan, considerably improved as opposed along with the previous year. Currently, the wood-site administration has improved, year just after year of low cost, excellent, much better year soon after year. Next year the price of excellent has come to be the conscious action of every employee. Factory on Cai's appearance, the wood incorporates a quite human way of thinking alterations, and increased confidence in long term development.

Xiao Guopu said: "This is exactly what I am most pleased."

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