Forget Designer Handbags, Designer Phones Are What Hot

If you think its hard to swallow $2000 for a designer handbag, try $5000 for a cell cellphone. Yes- thats right, Christian Dior, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and even Ferrari are teaming up with Motorola, Nokia and Samsung to create designer cell phones for a price.

Choose a glitzy Christian Dior cell phone with either real diamonds or Swarovski crystals embedded on the handset. Receive Galaxy J7 2018 Cover a sparkling gold and snake skin Gucci cell phone or a sleek Prada cell phone, complete with a Prada carrying wall charger, Prada ear piece and blue tooth head set. For the price tag, it was nice of Christian Dior to include a mini-phone to match with the normal size mobile phone. The mini telephone is able to get fashionably clipped to a designer handbag or designer jeans if the skinny jeans are too tight or you dont want to dig through your enormous Prada bag or if you dont want your Chihuahua Samsung Galaxy S9 Armband stepping on it. even has a $6,000 gold plated Samsung Galaxy S7, if you didnt think you paid enough to the basic model.

Features of Most of These Designer Phones

MP3 players


Bling- i.e. diamonds, sapphires, gold or crystals

Leather, camouflage, designer fabric and heaps of designer logos

Internet access

Different Kind of Designer Mobile phone

Fashion designers are not the only ones creating designer phones. Other genius gadget LG Risio 3 Tempered Glass hounds are getting paid well to come up with super light phones like the Mobiado cellular phone made out of aircraft aluminum for being super light and also ultra thin. Phones for kids are shaped like teddy bears and come with games and fun ring tones of course.

If you are thinking, whats wrong with my free mobile phone when I sign up for my service? Apparently hundreds of people in the world feel that their excess of money needs being spent on $4,000 diamond encrusted phones, iPhone SE 2 Screen Cover like Toshibas Cosmic Shiner.

Derek Zoolander may have seemed a little silly talking on his teeny cell phone in head to toe designer sweats but the designer fever is catching on! Starbucks and McDonalds are probably next to come out with designer phones. Until I have a cellular phone that may clean my house, walk my dog and cook me dinner, I m going to wait and be joyful with my free cellular phone that comes with my service.

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